Registration and Routine Appointments (Routine and Emergency)

In Scotland the first point of contact for NHS dental treatment is usually expected to be the General Dental Service (GDS), which is mainly provided by independent dentists offering the full range of NHS treatment and is suitable for the majority of patients who require standard treatments such as examinations (check-ups), fillings, extractions, crowns and denture work, as well as providing emergency care.

NHS Shetland provides the Public Dental Service (PDS). The role of the PDS is to treat those who have additional requirements, such as people with special care needs or complex treatment plans. It also acts as a ‘safety net’, providing dental services where an independent dentist is not available. Historically the PDS in Shetland has seen almost every patient because of the lack of other options, but, as opportunities to register with an independent GDS practice improve, NHS Shetland is increasingly concentrating on its core PDS remit.

PDS clinics are based in Lerwick, Brae, Mid Yell and Symbister.
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If you have any questions or comments about NHS dental provision in Shetland please contact the Practice Manager at Montfield Dental Clinic, Burgh Road, Lerwick, ZE1 0LA. Phone: 01595 743200