Baltasound Health Centre, Unst

The following pages are designed to provide information to the general public, and to care professionals, about the services provided at a community level by NHS Shetland and the Community Health & Social Care Partnership.

NHS Shetland has 10 Health Centres, and 4 non-doctor islands (each with a resident nurse) which offer a variety of services including GP Practices, Dental services and specialist clinics.

Health Centre Contacts
  • Bixter Health Centre, Bixter ZE2 9NA
    Tel: 01595 810202
  • Brae Health Centre, Brae ZE2 9QJ
    Tel: 01806 522543
  • Hillswick Health Centre, Westarye, Hillswick ZE2 9RW
    Tel: 01806 503277
  • Lerwick Health Centre, South Road, Lerwick ZE1 ORB
    Tel: 01595 693201
  • Levenwick Health Centre, Gord, Levenwick ZE2 9HX
    Tel: 01950 461222
  • Scalloway Health Centre, Scalloway ZE1 OTN
    Tel: 01595 880219
  • Unst Health Centre, Baltasound, Unst ZE2 9DY
    Tel: 01957 711318
  • Walls Health Centre, Walls ZE2 9PF
    Tel: 01595 809352
  • Whalsay Health Centre, Symbister, Whalsay ZE2 9AE
    Tel: 01806 566219
  • Yell Health Centre, Reafirth, Mid Yell ZE2 9BX
    Tel: 01957 702127