Consultant Led Services & Physiological Measurement

What You Need To Know
Feedback from patients tells us how important it is that we give an as accurate picture of waiting times as possible for a given clinical appointment or procedure. In order to achieve this, NHS Shetland calculates the number of weeks each patient waits based on rules set out by the Scottish Government. We use this information to create a service level summary of patients seen in the last three months, number of patients waiting at the end of each month and the average waiting time for those seen and waiting at the level of each consultant led service along with the physiological measurement service. Our aim is to publish this information at the start of each month starting from 1st September 2021.

If you are to be seen or treated by NHS Grampian, the waiting times can be found here:

Two things to note:
Firstly, every patient is different, and there are a range of factors that can have some patients seen earlier or later than the estimated time; the information here is a general guide, and not meant as a prediction.

Secondly, where a service has seen between 1 and 5 patients in a three month period, or has between 1 and 5 patients waiting at the end of a month, we do not publish the number seen/waiting in order to avoid the potential for individuals to be identified.

Below is a list of our latest six publications, from newest to oldest: