The Medical Imaging Department is responsible for all aspects of Medical Imaging including: General radiography and Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound Scans as well as CT.

The Medical Imaging Department is located off the main corridor of the Gilbert Bain Hospital between the Accident and Emergency and Outpatient Departments. It consists of two general x-ray rooms , one ultrasound room and CT Suite. The Department is open 9:00am - 17:00pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours an on call service is provided.

Radiographers may be called by hospital medical staff only. The requesting clinician can contact the on call radiographer through the switchboard at the Gilbert Bain Hospital. Out of hours examinations are only carried out if they are essential to the patient's management.

The Medical Imaging Department is closed on public holidays when the on call service is in operation. Any queries, comments or complaints must be directed to the Radiology Services Manager during normal working hours. The on call radiographer can answer any queries outside working hours and can decide if any further action need be taken at that time.

Accident and Emergency: The Accident and Emergency Department has an open access for x-ray.

GP referrals: Patients can come with their x-ray request straight from the GP without an appointment and we will endeavour to do the examination on presentation. This open access is only applicable Tuesdays to Fridays between 10-12am and 2-4pm each of those days however if preferred appointments can be made.

Outpatient Clinics: Patients from outpatient clinics have an open access for routine x-rays. Patients requiring ultrasound, CT or diagnostic examination at a Radiology Clinic will be sent appointments for a future date.

Inpatients: Ward patients will be x-rayed at a time convenient to the ward and the Medical Imaging Department. Requests for mobile examinations on the ward are, wherever possible, restricted to chest x-rays where the patient is so severely ill as to be unable to leave the ward environment. Patients may be brought down to the department on their bed, trolley, wheelchair or walking.

Theatre Cases: Theatre cases are referred to the Department by consultants.

Ultrasound: Patients are usually referred by a GP, or consultant. There is no out of hours on call service.

Special Investigations: As well as routine radiography the Department can also carry out specialised investigations. A monthly Radiology Clinic is held when consultant Radiologists from Aberdeen will perform barium examinations of upper and lower GI tract, specialist ultrasound investigation, sialography, urography, FNA and biopsy. The Department endeavours not to keep patients waiting more than one month for these specialist investigations. Requests for any further specialised imaging are referred directly to a Radiologist in Aberdeen. Patients requiring urgent acute urography studies can also be seen in the Department.

All the staff working in the Medical Imaging Department are highly trained, experienced radiographers who are willing to give advice on suitable examinations if required.