The dietetic team are responsible for supporting, educating and treating adults and children with a wide range of nutritional and dietary issues.

We work across a range of settings including in-patients, outpatient clinics and care homes as well as serving the wider community.

We are available Monday to Friday 08:30 - 16:30 by telephone (01595 743203) or email

Dietitian is a legally protected title and can only be used by those suitably trained and registered with the Health Care Professions Council. Find out more about what Dietitians Do

The Department's aims and objectives

  • To provide appropriate nutritional advice to support the population of the Shetlands to take ownership of their own health.
  • To work with individuals with a variety of acute and chronic conditions to prevent deficiencies, meet nutritional needs, and control symptoms and to improve quality of life.
  • To provide safe, effective and evidence-based care, based on appropriate local and national policies, procedures, guidelines and best practice.
  • To help support equality of access to healthcare for all individuals, including those with mental health conditions, Learning Disabilities, physical health challenges and across language and cultural barriers as well as to those in rural and remote communities.
  • To provide education, training and support to other health and social care professionals to best support the nutritional needs of their clients.

Gluten Free Food Service

If you are diagnosed as needing gluten-free food as part of your care, you can access your prescription through the Scottish Gluten-Free Food Service.

The Scottish Gluten-free Food Service is an NHS service that allows you to manage your gluten-free food prescription through your community pharmacy.

Foods can be ordered from the approved list using the Order form. The form should be sent to your chosen pharmacy on a monthly basis.