NHS Shetland’s Pharmacy and Prescribing Team has is made up of Pharmacists, Technicians, Procurement Experts and Pharmacy Support workers working across both the Hospital and Health Centres. They are able to supply all medications, provide advice on their safe and effective use, work closely with nursing and medical staff, and to help our communities to get the most from their medicines whilst reducing the risk of harm.

The service is overseen by the Director of Pharmacy for NHS Shetland and NHS Orkney, with the Principal Pharmacist responsible for the delivery of the Pharmacy and Prescribing service in Shetland.

Medicines Use in Shetland

Many medicines can be prescribed in Shetland, those available are within the Grampian Formulary. New Medicines take time to be considered, and are first reviewed by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) and NHS Shetland work with NHS Grampian to consider the local use of them afterwards. The Grampian Formulary and Scottish Medicines Consortium can be accessed on the links below. Within Shetland, the Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee is responsible for overseeing Medicines use and approval, supported by Clinical Pharmacists working across all areas of the community and services.

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