The eight-stationed Satellite Dialysis Unit is located in the Gilbert Bain Hospital. Consisting of 7 chairs in main unit and 1 isolation room. To reach the Renal Unit from the main entrance take your first right and follow the main corridor until you reach the stairs at the end. Then take either the stairs or the lift up to the first floor. There is a link corridor opposite the entrance to ward one. Follow the corridor round through another set of double doors and the renal unit is on your left.

What We Do

The Haemodialysis service commenced in August 1999. The unit was at its outset in 1999 a unit with consultant services based in the Gilbert Bain Hospital, but in recent years this has changed and It now operates as a satellite unit of the main unit in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. It is primarily a chronic dialysis facility but palliative dialysis can be provided. The unit does not provide an acute dialysis service. This is a nurse led service providing holistic care to a diverse community. The unit has eight stations and is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We also support home dialysis patients and their carer’s, offering home visits and respite dialysis. Our philosophy is to think of innovative ways to provide a renal service that addresses the needs of the population in this challenging remote and rural setting.

Holiday Dialysis
We will endeavour to try to accommodate holiday patients wherever possible, however as this is a small unit we don’t always have capacity to support this.

Peritoneal Dialysis
We can provide support to patients who require peritoneal dialysis (this is provided in the community with direct support from ARI). The renal nurse carries out home visits as required.

Pre Dialysis Education
Pre dialysis visits to the unit are arranged so that new patients have the opportunity to see the unit and get information regarding dialysis. Generic pre dialysis information is provided as well as tailoring written information to each patient's condition and geographical location. This is a highly individualised service.

Transplantation is undertaken at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. The local renal team will support patients in the initial stages post transplant.

Transplantation is discussed with patients, family and/or significant others. If suitable, initial work up is undertaken in Shetland before being referred to the surgeons in Edinburgh.