Travel health assessments and vaccines

For people registered with a GP in Shetland requiring vaccines for travel, firstly, contact the Travel Health Service team via email - (preferred option) or via telephone - 01595 743319. From this point, individuals will be required to complete a pre-travel questionnaire as part of their assessment.

Please note, the team is unable to complete assessments without clear details of expected travel routes/destinations and dates of travel: this will be requested as part of the pre-travel questionnaire. People wishing to find out more about vaccination and other requirements for possible destinations can access the Fit for Travel website via this link - Home - Fit for Travel.
If possible, please make contact as soon as possible, as the team will aim to complete assessments within six to eight weeks prior to travel, with vaccination shortly afterwards. Appointments for vaccination with NHS-funded vaccines (including diphtheria, tetanus, polio, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis A, and any other vaccines recommended as part of the UK programme), will be arranged at the assessment appointment. 

However, at the current time, anyone requiring those travel vaccines that can only be obtained and paid for privately will need to make their own arrangements to get the vaccine, which may include having to go to a clinic on the mainland.  NHS Shetland is actively pursuing a number of options for people to be able to access private vaccines locally, within current national policy and funding constraints.