Visiting a patient

Visitors are very welcome and we would encourage you to include your relatives or friends in supporting you whilst you are in hospital.

We have a policy of person centred visiting which means we will ask you on admission who can visit you and if there are any restrictions on when you would want to see friends and family.

Patients can have visitors at any time but in order to ensure patients get time to rest, we ask that visitors leave at around 8pm.

If you would like visitors before midday, we would ask that is discussed with the nurse in charge to agree where best to see your visitor. This is because most people are attending to their personal care and getting dressed as well as discussing their progress with the care team. We will make sure there is somewhere private for you to speak to your visitor and at the same time, ensure the other patients on the ward have privacy and time to rest and recover whilst in hospital.

Animals are not allowed in the hospital, apart from guide dogs, other support animals or registered therapeutic pets. Please discuss any exceptional circumstances with the nurse in charge.

NHS Shetland operates a managed mealtime policy, which means that at mealtimes all non-essential work stops to allow patients to enjoy their food. Visiting is discouraged at mealtimes unless you are coming to help or encourage a patient to eat.

Facilities for overnight accommodation

In special circumstances overnight accommodation may be provided for relatives or friends.

On the Maternity Unit arrangements can be made for partners to stay.