Social static those aged 65 and over don t let your protection fade sept 2023

People aged 65 – 74 and those aged under 50 in at risk groups

As we move through the autumn/winter vaccination programme, people aged 65-74 and people under 65 who are in risk groups are now being invited to make appointments for their flu and Covid vaccinations. Please note that ‘at risk’ groups include unpaid carers and people who live in a household with someone who has a weakened immune system.

Those registered at the following GP practices will be receiving NHS Scotland letters inviting them to make an appointment (or emails/texts if you have already signed up for that service).

  • Bixter (under 65 at risk groups only)
  • Walls (under 65 at risk groups only)
  • Brae (aged 65-74 and the under 65 at risk groups)  
  • Lerwick (aged 65-74 and the under 65 at risk groups)  
  • Levenwick (aged 65-74 and the under 65 at risk groups)  
  • Scalloway (aged 65-74 and the under 65 at risk groups)  

We are encouraging people to make their appointments using the national booking portal, as advised in the letter.  If individuals cannot use this system, or cannot get to the appointments available, then the Vaccination Team can be contacted (see below for contact details).

Appointments will take place from mid-October at a new venue in Lerwick -  'Grantfield' - the SIC building behind Bolts garage that shares a car park with the Toll Clock Shopping Centre. There will be clear signage at the entrance of the clinic before the first appointments take place next month.

As well as appointments in the daytime Monday to Saturday, there are also evening appointment slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Later on in the programme, we may be able to run ‘walk in’ sessions as we did previously.

Please do not contact departments currently based in the Grantfield building to try to book an appointment and please do not phone reception or any departments in the hospital about vaccination appointments.  Please follow the instructions in the letter (or email or text) that you received or contact the Vaccination Team with any queries.

The address is - Grantfield, North Road, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0NT. There is ample parking space, including disabled parking directly outside the building. There is a bus stop outside Bolts Minimarket, nearby. Please note that the nearest public toilets are in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre.

People registered at the following GP practices will receive a phone call or letter about making an appointment at their health centre. But they can choose to book at the Grantfield Clinic, using the booking portal or through the Vaccination Team, if they prefer.

  • Bixter (aged 65-74)
  • Walls (aged 65-74)
  • Hillswick
  • Unst
  • Whalsay
  • Yell

People who live on the ‘non-doctor’ islands will be advised when the Vaccination Team is visiting their island to run a clinic.

People aged 75 and over and those with weakened immune systems

Most of the people in these groups will have given an appointment by now or will be called in the next week. If you are in one of these groups and have not been contacted by Wednesday 4 October, and you would like the vaccinations, please contact the Vaccination Team. 

Clinics for these groups are taking place in local health centres, Out Patient Department at the Gilbert Bain Hospital, the Staff Development Department at Montfield (same entrance as Patient Travel, near the Dental Department building)  and in community settings at Sandwick and Dunrossness.

Flu Vaccination for Children

Flu vaccination for children aged two years and over who are not yet in school and school pupils who cannot have the Fluenz nasal spray vaccine will be delivered in local health centres. Please contact the child’s GP practice for an appointment.

Some of the School Programme clinics have been re-arranged because of the strikes. Please contact the School Health Team on 01595 743076 with queries about the Schools Programme.

Flu vaccination for adults   

Adults aged 50-64 who are only eligible for flu vaccine will be invited soon to make an appointment, there will be more details to follow.

Teachers and other pupil facing staff in schools may be offered their vaccination when the school clinics are held in their school. Or they can make an appointment using the online booking portal for the Grantfield Clinic. There will also be opportunities for those in the more remote areas to attend their local health centre.

 Frontline Health and Social Care Staff

Occupational Health is still running clinics in various workplace settings as well as the Occupational Health Department. Staff can also book an appointment at Grantfield Clinic using the Booking Portal. All NHS staff are eligible for the flu vaccine.

For further information on the autumn /winter flu and Covid vaccination programme, including which groups are eligible for vaccination; patient information leaflets and a link to the online booking portal please see NHS Inform.  Winter vaccines | NHS inform

To contact the Vaccination Team, please call 01595 743319 or email

Please note that we are currently receiving a high volume of emails, calls and voice messages and you may need to call back again later.

For further information, please visit the NHS Shetland website

Published: Friday, 29th September 2023