A big part of healing and wellness is linked to spiritual care. At NHS Shetland we have volunteers available to support anyone going through a difficult time. Neil Brice, the Spiritual Care Lead, explains in more depth what the service is about.

It is highly possible that at times we find ourselves caught up in the web of life. These times may, or may not, be the result of things we have done or feel to have done. They may feel that they are the result of things done to us.

We may not believe in a god of any form, or we may not practise a faith of any description. Even those who "believe" can feel at sea - lost, confused, threatened or lack a sense of loving care.

At times receiving difficult and challenging news, or suddenly facing life changing moments, means that we want to talk to someone who can listen and hear what is in our heart. In such times it is possible that a member of the family may not be the one we want to talk to, or are able to talk to.

Spiritual Care in Shetland Health and Social Care could be a means of support. Here we offer:

  • A place to be listened to;
  • A place of affirmation value and respect;
  • A place of emotional support and understanding;
  • A place to "be yourself" without any judgment;
  • A place where we may gain religious support if that is what we want.

You can contact Spiritual Care by leaving a message or asking someone to contact us on your behalf.

Our team of volunteers are willing and able to respond to your request in the best way they can.

The service is confidential and impartial in the support that it offers.

Contact information
Neil Brice (Spiritual Care Lead) 07771 380989
E mail: neil.brice@nhs.scot
Hospital extension: 01595 743662

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